15-Year-Old Deemed "The Boy With the Golden Voice"

A common cold turned into a happy accident for one 15-year-old boy, giving him an epic voice that could be coming to a theatre near you one day. INSIDE EDITION sat down with the rising vocal star.

"The Boy With the Golden Voice," Jake Foushee, sounds just like those deep-throated men you hear in movie trailers—but he's only 15 years old!

And get this, his golden voice appeared overnight! One moment, Foushee sounded like a regular kid...then, he got a cold.

"I woke up the next day and my voice was way down here and I thought it was just the cold, then the cold went away and my voice was still like this," said Foushee.

His mom Joanna was freaked out, saying: "We were all a little confused about the voice, and as it stuck around and we thoguht 'Oh, this is his new voice!'"

His friends got a kick out of it. They even paid him to record their voicemails. He would say, in his booming voice, "I'm sorry, the most epic person you are trying to reach right now cannot come to the phone, they're probably out saving the world. Please leave your name and number and they will get back to you."

But a star was born when Foushee posted a video on YouTube. It was an instant hit with 1.2 million views.

Foushee, who lives in North Carolina, just signed with a voice-over agent in New York. Pretty soon "the Boy With the Golden Voice" may be coming to a theater near you...