EXCLUSIVE: Linda Hogan Opens Up About Break-up to INSIDE EDITION

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, Linda Hogan opens up about why she ended her relationship with her much-younger boyfriend, Charley Hill.

Linda Hogan broke down in tears and opened up to INSIDE EDITION about her split from boy toy Charley Hill.

She said, "Honestly, I think it's the best thing for him and it's the best thing for me too."
She sat down with INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret to go on the record about the dramatic breakup of her four year relationship with her much younger boyfriend.

Hogan said, "I was crying for two weeks. I really love him."
Moret asked, "What happened with Charley? Did you wake up one morning and say ‘You know what, this is not what I want.'"

She said, "No, it didn't happen like that at all. You know to give myself 100 percent to somebody you have to trust and he's young."

Moret asked, "Did Charley cheat on you?"

She responded, "No, nothing. That was not even close to the part of what happened."     

Hogan hooked up with Hill, who is a year younger than her daughter, Brooke, after her bitter divorce from wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Moret asked, "You don't get a sense that he's in any way happy that this didn't work for you?"
She said, "Oh, I'm sure he is. I know that Charley and my relationship made him probably very envious."
Hogan said despite the love connection between her and Charley, marriage just wasn't in the cards. She says the 29 year age difference didn't help either because Charley wanted to start a family.
She said, "I can't have kids anymore. I had my tubes tied after I had Nick and I'm menopausal so it ain't happening.

Their therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, host of VH1's Couples Therapy, said the relationship was doomed.

Dr. Berman said, "Linda had a lot of her own concerns about the age difference and I thought that was going to be the biggest issue about the relationship."
Charley has moved out of Linda's mansion in a Los Angeles suburb and for the first time in nearly 30 years, she is alone. But don't look for this cougar to change her ways anytime soon.

"Would you ever date a younger guy again?," Moret asked.

She said, "Oh certainly. I would definitely never date an older one that's for sure, I don't like old men."