Heather Mills vs. Her Nanny

Heather Mills speaks out about the court battle she's caught in over her nanny's breast implants. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the latest emotional rant from former Dancing With The Stars contestant Heather Mills.

"I'm absolutely devastated to hear the lies that have come out in this court has hurt me and my family beyond belief," said Mills.

Heather is embroiled in a bizarre court battle involving this nanny's breast enlargement surgery and some racy lingerie photos.

You'll recall that Heather was in the headlines back in 2008, during her high-profile divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney. She famously appeared on TV and made a tearful rant about her treatment by the press.

"I've been treated worse than a pedophile or a murderer," said Mills.

During her appearance on Dancing With The Stars she won praise for her fearless performance despite having a prosthetic leg.

Now Heather is being sued by her former nanny for wrongful termination. Heather claims the nanny was just angry because she refused to pay for the nanny's breast implants, a claim the young woman denies.

The nanny went ahead with the surgery anyway, showing the results in some sexy photos of her with another model.

Heather, her shoulder-length hair now cropped, poured her heart out outside the court, saying she's the victim.

"I feel as though I've been betrayed by someone who I felt was part of the family," said Mills.