600-Pound Man Is Evicted From His Home

Joey DiBenedetto says he's being evicted from his apartment because he's too fat, but his landlord says his weight isn't the problem. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Joey DiBenedetto a 600-pound man who say's he was evicted from his apartment for being too fat.

DiBenedetto, who can't go anywhere without his portable oxygen tank, said goodbye to his New Haven, Connecticut home after a long battle with his landlord. In the midst of the eviction, DiBenedetto collapsed on the ground.

A Connecticut Marshall pounded on the door of the home DiBenedetto shared with his mom the next morning; apparently to make sure they were gone.

It had been a long, exhausting battle for DiBenedetto, who told INSIDE EDITION he was being kicked out because his weight was actually damaging the flat.

He said, "It's because I'm heavyweight, I'm fat."

If that sounds outrageous, there was a sheet of plywood on the floor covering up a hole that was made when DiBenedetto crashed through.

"I fell through the floor," he said.

The steps creaked under his massive weight as he climbed them. His landlord denies that he's being kicked out because of his weight.

His landlord told INSIDE EDITION, "There are many reasons why they're being evicted, none I'm going to discuss on camera. His weight has nothing to do with it."

DiBenedetto takes numerous medications to deal with his life-threatening obesity. Now the question is, where does he go from here?