Wedding Crashed By Protesters

A wedding in Chicago was interrupted by protesters who were rallying against the NATO summit. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A bride looked horrified as her wedding was crashed by protestors. It happened when the newlyweds left the church and found themselves in the middle of a mass demonstration.

Beth, a beautician, and Tim, a lawyer, got married on Saturday in downtown Chicago and had no idea of the chaos unfolding right outside. Dozens were arrested as demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. They were protesting world leaders at the NATO summit happening just blocks from where Tim and Beth were tying the knot.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with newlyweds Beth and Tim Alberts, just before they jetted off on their honeymoon.

Beth said, "We were all just really scared at that point, trying to get me out of there."

After the ceremony, they went outside to take photographs with the backdrop of downtown Chicago and that's when all hell broke loose.

"All the protesters saw a bride and groom and they got really excited and started swarming us. That's when we got real nervous," said Beth.

At first, Beth got caught up in the excitement. But as the crowd of protesters gets bigger and louder, her smile turned to a look of concern.

Tim said, "We actually started hearing a crowd coming and there were people marching down the street. They were about to turn a corner right by us."

They posed for one last picture and it is unlike any wedding photo anyone has ever seen. The picture is of the bride and groom kissing in the middle of the street with their bridal party circling them and the protesters observing the kiss.

Then, after the kiss, Beth took charge and gave the command everyone had been waiting for, she told everyone, "Let's get out of here."

"We ran out of there and jumped into a limo bus and the limo bus drove away," said Beth.

What a start to married life. But the newlyweds see their wedding day drama as a good omen - they survived their first crisis.

Beth said, "We made it out of there clean and safe and got some great kiss shots among the chaos."