Bachelor Contestant Kicked Off for "Inappropriate" Relationship with Show Producer

Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa was kicked off the show last night after producers say she had an inappropriate relationship with someone on the show's staff. Papa denies she did anything wrong. INSIDE EDITION h

"We feel, because of what's happened, it's impossible for you to continue on this show. We feel that you need to leave tonight," Bachelor host Chris Harrison told contestant Rozlyn Papa.

It was the end of the road for Papa. She was kicked off The Bachelor for having an "inappropriate" relationship with a producer from the show.

Papa said, "I mean, I don't believe [there was] anything that was deceitful or anything like that, I think it just..."

"Happened," said Harrison.

Papa nodded.

The current bachelor, pilot Jake Pavelka, was pretty broken up about it.

Harrison said, "She entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers."

"You're kidding me!" said Pavelka, looking shocked.

But maybe he shouldn't have taken it so hard; it turns out the makeup artist from Richmond, Virginia has had her share of run-ins with the law.


Papa was arrested twice in 1999 for petty theft. She was sentenced to a year in jail, but the convictions were overturned on appeal so she never served jail time.

She was also charged that same year for underage alcohol possession.

Papa is a divorced mom raising her 7-year-old son. Her ex-husband, Brian Scott Levitin, is a dentist. They divorced in 2007.

"So you think that there are no other girls here that felt for other people before they came on the show?" Papa asked Harrison.

"No, not all because it was no relationship you had back home. It's something that just happened on our show," he explained.

Papa denies she behaved inappropriately on the show. "I don't think that my personal life is really anybody's business," she said.

She also claims ABC cooked the whole incident up to earn ratings for the show.