44-Year-Old Man Gets Through Airport Security Using His 4-Year-Old Stepson's Passport

"It’s shocking it wasn’t picked up,” said father Matthew Sutton.

Think airport security is tough? Think again.

A 44-year-old dad somehow managed to fly from the U.K. to Poland using his 4-year-old stepson’s passport.

“It was completely my fault that I picked up the wrong passport, but it’s shocking it wasn’t picked up," Matthew Sutton told SWNS.

Sutton, of Dudley, England, said he was taking a trip out to Poznan, Poland, on Wizz Air for a weekend of sightseeing with his brother and sister-in-law.

Flying out of Birmingham Airport, Sutton said he easily went through passport control and security without anyone questioning his identification.

It was only when he arrived in Poznan that authorities stopped him and asked him who 4-year-old Mason Rutter was.

“In Poland I showed them my driving license and got my stepdaughter to send a picture of my passport on Snapchat before they would even let me leave the airport,” Sutton said.

What’s even more suspect, he said, was that he flew on Sept. 11, exactly 17 years after the World Trade Center and Pentagon were struck by hijacked jetliners, changing airport security forever.

“We laughed about it at the time but when we’d got to the hotel we were shocked and we’d thought that this was quite a serious security breach,” he said. “It just shows how easy it is to get onto a flight using a dodgy passport. I could have been anyone.”

Reps for Wizz Air said both they and the Birmingham Airport are looking into the issue to prevent such a security slip-up from happening again.