Mark Zuckerberg Weds One Day After Facebook IPO

The day after Facebook's IPO hit the stock market, CEO Mark Zuckerberg managed to pull his own secret wedding that came as a surprise to everyone, including the wedding guests. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop

Mark Zuckerberg may be just married, but the honeymoon is already over for the company he took public just three days ago.

As Zuckerberg and new bride Priscilla Chan start married life together, Facebook stock took a tumble Monday. At one point, it was down 11 percent to $34, compared to the $38 when it was offered to the public Friday.

The surprise wedding took place Saturday, the day after the IPO earned Zuckerberg an estimated $20 billion.

Family law expert Vikki Ziegler told INSIDE EDITION, "If Mark Zuckerberg got married the day before his Initial Public Offering, anything that was acquired after that date of marriage, could be subject to distribution. The courts may look at it like a community property asset and that would mean she'd be entitled up to 50 percent of that asset."

Priscilla wore a $4,700 ivory dress by designer Claire Pettibone. It was covered with sequins and lined in silk.

Zuckerberg ditched his trademark hoodie and wore a suit with unknotted tie.

The couple met at Harvard nine years ago.

The 100 guests at the wedding were surprised. They thought they had been invited to celebrate Priscilla's graduation from medical school. Instead, they got to witness the nuptials in the backyard of Zuckerberg's Palo Alto home.

The guests went wild after Zuckerberg toasted his bride.

Zuckerberg said, "The way you get married is a reflection of the way you're going to live."

And yes, 28-year-old Zuckerberg has changed his Facebook profile to "Married."