Howard Stern Brings Seven-Year-Old To Tears on America's Got Talent

Howard Stern made a young boy cry when he auditioned on America's Got Talent. INSIDE EDITION looks at the question many people are asking -- should young kids be exposed to the harsh judges on national TV?

Howard, how could you?

Howard Stern made a first grader cry on Monday night's America's Got Talent when he gave the X to a seven-year-old rapper.

The young rapper from Philadelphia, who goes by the name Mir Money, started bawling. Stern went on stage to comfort the kid.

Stern said to the youngster, "I don't want to make you cry."

But it seemed like it was the radio shock jock that needed a hug.

Stern admitted, "I'm not cut out for this. I'm not cut out for this."

This latest meltdown has everyone asking, should kids this young be exposed to the sometimes harsh world of TV talent shows?

A nine-year-old boy lost it on Britain's Got Talent when he realized he wasn't hitting the notes.

And who could forget Rachel Crow? The 13-year-old collapsed on stage when she was eliminated on The X-Factor last season. She cried to her mom that she had promised her she'd win.

Now, a seven-year-old crumbled under the intense national spotlight. Stern was clearly rattled; he even did his best to make the kid feel better.

Stern assured the boy, "You're a terrific kid, you know that?"