INSIDE EDITION Investigates Cat Calls Toward Women

It's a headache women have dealt with forever: guys yelling out cat calls to them while they're out and about. INSIDE EDITION sent a woman out with some hidden cameras and Lisa Guerrero was following close behind to take on those obnoxious cat callers

Jillian Severin is a beautiful 25-year-old woman. But when she's walking down the street, something inevitably happens that she dreads... rude cat calls.
"It makes you feel dirty," Severin told INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero.

But this day, as Severin gets ready to hit the streets of New York City, she won't be facing the cat-callers alone. INSIDE EDITION decided to tag along and try to capture what men do as she walks by.

INSIDE EDITION's I-Squad documented Severin's experience with multiple cameras. There were surveillance cameras behind her and in front of her. She even carried her own hidden cameras. And INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero was just a few feet away, ready to turn the tables on the cat callers.

Right off the bat, Severin received plenty of attention. One guy pretended to take her picture and shouted out "perfect". Other guys just whistle but some try to talk to her.   
Severin always seemed to get attention from construction workers. One obnoxious guy shouts out, "Oh yeah," as she walks by.
But he was in for a surprise when Lisa Guerrero turned the cameras on him.
"We noticed that when my friend with red hair went by a few minutes ago," said Guerrero.
Sean said, "And I was rude and obnoxious."
"Yeah, you were," said Guerrero.
"Why would you do that? Tell me why you would do that?" asked Guerrero.
Sean said, "90% of the time it works."
"Works to what?" Guerrero asked.
"To my benefit," Sean said. "I'm like 'hey what's up' and they're like 'hey what's up' and the next thing you know, we're having drinks and chilling."
"You've actually gotten dates doing this?" asked Guerrero.
"Hell yeah," said Sean.

"So you're single?" asked Guerrero.
"No," said Sean.
Another guy shouts out, "Beautiful" as Severin walks by. That may seem harmless, but to many women it can be very annoying.
Guerrero asked Severin, "What would you say to a guy on the street that said 'you're beautiful' is a compliment?" 

"To me it's harassment," Severin said. "I don't know you. It puts me on the defensive."

Every time Severin went out, she was subjected to cat calls. Some guys were apologetic.
"What would your mom say to you if she knew you were calling out to women on the street," Guerrero asked a man who shouted out at Severin.

"She would whip my butt," he said.  

But some guys see nothing wrong with it.

"She's a superstar," said a man making a stop to deliver furniture.
"Would you like it if your daughter was walking down the street and a stranger yelled something at her?" Guerrero asked the delivery man.

"Not really," he responded.

So guys, if you really want to meet a nice woman, a cat call is probably not going to work.      

"Jillian, have you ever gone on a date with someone who cat called you on the street?" asked Guerrero.

"Absolutely not," replied Severin.