The 800-Pound Bride Does Her Final Wedding Gown Fitting

The dress required enough fabric to cover half of a football field, and INSIDE EDITION was there as 800 pound Susan Eman had her final fitting.

A seamstress rolled out half a football field's length of fabric. That's what it took to make the world's largest wedding dress. It's so big it took three people to carry it.
Susanne Eman, the 800-pound bride, is about to see her completed dress for the very first time. But first, she stopped at the IHOP for a snack.

Eman dove into a stack of pancakes, Belgian waffles, hash browns, sausage links, steak, and a giant omelet made with a dozen eggs, all washed down with Dr Pepper. Not exactly the bridal boot camp we usually see from brides anxious to slim down and look their best for their big day.
It was quite a challenge for seamstress, Judee Goff from Paradise Fabrics in Phoenix, Arizona.

Goff said, "There are no patterns this large."    

Goff created a chiffon dress with an empire waist and flouncy sleeves that would expand with Eman's ever-growing curves.

INSIDE EDITION was there when it was time for Eman to look at her dress, as her sister Cassie looked on, Eman was shown her gown.

"It's beautiful, it's what I've always dreamed of," said Eman's.

She tried it on. The dress is so large and the lace so long it takes two people a half-hour just to tie it up in the back.

She said, "Right now, it's just snuggly and if she gains weight it will lace up looser in the back."

Cassie, who will be the Maid of Honor, loved the dress. She said, "I think she looks very beautiful and the dress turned out amazing."    

Eman did a test run walking down the aisle, with Cassie carrying her train. She's getting ready for her big day.

The bride-to-be said, "I am so ready for my honeymoon."