Was Mary Kennedy Distraught By RFK's Relationship with Actress Cheryl Hines?

Did Mary Kennedy beleieve her life was being hijacked by her ex-huband Bobby Jr.'s new girlfriend, actress Cheryl Hines? INSIDE EDITION explains.

Did the late Mary Kennedy think her life had been "hijacked" by actress Cheryl Hines?

Reports are surfacing that the star of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm was "flaunting" her relationship with her new boyfriend, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Mary's estranged husband.

Hines, who also starred in the ABC sitcom, Suburgatory, sent out a stream of tweets and photos about her relationship with Kennedy in the weeks before Mary's suicide.

A photograph shows Hines next to family matriarch, Ethel Kennedy. Hines and Bobby Jr. were photographed at actress Glenn Close's birthday party just a month before Mary's suicide. Close and Mary Kennedy had been close friends.

"I got to tell #Glenn Close what an inspiration she has always been to me," Hines tweeted.

Close sang at Mary's funeral over the weekend.

Hines also tweeted a photo of herself with one of Mary's kids.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere said, "To have it in your face, that your children, or one of your children maybe getting close to your estranged husband's girlfriend, that is a real slap in the face."

The new cover story of People magazine asks the question the nation is asking about Mary Kennedy: "What Drove Her to Suicide?," after she hanged herself in the barn at her mansion in Westchester, New York.

People's Elizabeth McNeil said, "Mary was having a difficult time towards the end of her life. She was lonely. Mother's Day had been difficult for her."

Cheryl Hines deleted her Twitter account immediately after Mary's death but the messages were retrieved by the website, Topsy.    

A spokesperson for Hines says the actress', "Thoughts and prayers are with the family."