Man Puts Toddler in Washing Machine

What began as a harmless game turned to terror when a man put a toddler in a washing machine and the machine turned on with the child locked inside. INSIDE EDITION has the story on how the boy was saved.

In a terrifying video where a man, playing an innocent game of peek-a-boo with a one-year-old boy, suddenly does something unthinkable. He lifted the little boy into a washing machine and then shut the door. The entire drama unfolded on surveillance camera.

It happened at a Laundromat in Camden, New Jersey, right outside Philadelphia. It was a front-loader washing machine. When you close the door, the lock automatically engages and it can't be opened until the washing cycle is completed.

The child found himself was trapped. As the machine started to spin the reaction from the boys babysitter and her boyfriend, who put the boy in the machine, was sheer terror.

The boy's babysitter and her boyfriend ran for help as the machine started filling with water. The only visual was the boys little white sneakers. Fifty precious seconds go by before a quick guy working in the Laundromat jumped into action. He pulled open the back of the machine and shut off the power.

But the boy wasn't out of danger yet. The machine is sealed shut and he was running out of air. As his desperate babysitter and her boyfriend pace back and forth, the Laundromat hero pulled on the door, until it finally swung open. The boy was rattled but safe.

Just how dangerous can being trapped inside a washing machine get for a youngster?

One little boy's arm was severed when he stuck it inside a washing machine at a Laundromat in California. The machine kept spinning when he opened the door. Doctors were able to re-attach his arm.

So, this kid in Camden was lucky to survive his scary tumble in a washing machine and the guy who put him in there will no doubt think twice before goofing around in the Laundromat ever again.