Brooke Hogan Follows in Hulk's Wrestling Footsteps

INSIDE EDITION sat down with Brooke Hogan to discuss everything from her new career, to her mom's break-up with the much-younger Charley Hill.

Brooke Hogan is opening up to INSIDE EDITION about her mom's split from her 23-year-old boy toy.

Brooke said, "I was just always very concerned with the age difference. They are on such different ends of the spectrum."

There was a 29-year age difference between Linda Hogan and Charley Hill and Hill is even younger than Brooke, by one year. They knew each other back in high school. Brooke was outraged when her mom first hooked up with the young man.  

Brooke said, "Once all the craziness died down, they were both left sitting there looking at each other with different wants, and different needs. It was kind of, the inevitable."

Now, Brooke has a big announcement to make. She's following her father, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, into the ring.

Brooke said, "I basically gave my dad a heart-attack, God forbid. He freaked out a bit and said, 'Well, your not wrestling are you?' I said, 'No.' "

Brooke's new gig puts her in charge of female wrestlers for Spike TV's weekly wrestling program, TNA's Impact Wrestling.

So we had to ask, what exactly does TNA stand for?

Brooke said, "When I first heard TNA, I was like, 'Thats scandalous.' I was like, 'What does that stand for again?' And they were like, 'Total Non-stop Action Wrestling.'" 

As for Brooke's own love life, does she go for younger guys like her mom?

Brooke said, "You know what, when I am 50 years old and divorced, God forbid I never get divorced, but, if that ever happen to me, who knows what I would want?"