Shape Up With the Housework Workout

INSIDE EDITION follows a personal trainer as she turns mundane housework into a body-toning workout.

Uggggh. The chores. It's not something any of us like to do. But what if you could get your house clean and get a bikini body all at the same time?

Christine Lusita is a personal trainer in Los Angeles. She says if you turn your housework into a workout, you'll actually lose weight.
Lusita told INSIDE EDITION, "There are so many calories you can burn in your daily activities."

Lusita showed us how.

Wearing a heart rate monitor, she trotted into the kitchen and started mopping and scrubbing so hard you'd think she'll burn a hole in the floor.

"My heart rate is up to 122," said Lusita.

Lusita even mopped the floor standing on one foot, and then did squats.

She noted, "As you can see, I'm out of breath."

She then cleaned the shower using both hands, toning the arms up and down. She did calf raises too.

And if you want to really lose the pounds, she said there's nothing like yard work. Sweeping the deck and raking the lawn burn about 250 calories in just 40 minutes—almost as much as a three mile run.

It's one exercise plan where you can get clean and get lean, all at the same time.