Was Mark Zuckerberg Frugal on His Wife's Wedding Ring?

Some people are saying billionaire Mark Zuckerberg looks like a cheapskate based on the wedding ring he gave his new wife last weekend. But those critics just might be mistaken on what the ring may really be worth. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He may be the world's newest billionaire but Mark Zuckerberg is being labeled a cheapskate now that the world has gotten its first look at his bride's 'simple' wedding ring.

Newlywed Priscilla Chan just showed off her ring at a ladies who lunch gathering. It looks like a small ruby, bookended by two diamonds, described in one report as 'humble'.

The internet is filled with nasty comments calling the ring "cheap" and "tacky" with an estimated value of $25,000 - nothing to a multi- billionaire like Zuckerberg, who designed the ring himself.
But it turns out the ring may actually be worth a small fortune.

Anja Winikka of The Wedding Channel told INSIDE EDITION, "It's an untreated ruby. Which means it is probably very rare. No, like, chemical processes to make it really vibrant and red. Probably pretty costly."

INSIDE EDITION also spoke with Jim DeNatale of DeNatale Jewelers in New York City about the ruby. He said, " They can be very rare. Sometimes they cost more than a diamond." He then said, "If the ruby is a natural, untreated ruby such as we have here, you can have a 2 carat ruby that would be an excess of a quarter of a million dollars up to possibly $350,000."

A ruby has particular significance in his new wife's Chinese-American culture. The precious stone is a symbol of passion, love and wisdom, and it's also Chan's birthstone.

So instead of being the cheapest husband in America, Mark Zuckerberg may actually be the most thoughtful.