Skydiving Grandma Talks About Near-Death Experience

An 80-year-old grandmother set out to achieve her lifelong ambition of skydiving, but ended up in a brush with death when things went horribly wrong. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Laverne Everett—the granny at the center of that horrifying skydive drama—is breaking her silence.

"I got a few bruises and a scraped knee," said Everett.

We told you how 80-year-old Everett went skydiving near Sacramento.

Somehow, Everett slipped out of her safety harness, and plunged butt-down toward Earth.
She relived her nightmare on the Today show.

"Part of my harness, I guess, I had as handles," said Everett

Everett is none the worse for her brush with death.

"You said you want to go in a race car now?" asked the Today show's Matt Lauer.

"Well, I'm considering it, if I get a chance," said Everett.