Justin Bieber Reportedly Roughs Up Paparazzi

In another case of a celebrity fighting back against the paparazzi, Justin Bieber reportedly punched a photographer who got too close for comfort. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning in a possible criminal battery charge. Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies want to talk to Bieber after a photographer claimed the pop star roughed him up.

It happened over the weekend at a shopping center near Bieber's home in the exclusive Calabasas neighborhood. Girlfriend, Selena Gomez tried calming Bieber down. One of his shoes came off during the argument.

Some young fans say they witnessed the incident and are coming to his defense, saying the photographer got way too close for comfort. 

When deputies arrived, Bieber and Gomez had split. Detectives are taking this very seriously.

Lt. Robert Wiard from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said, "Our detectives are going to be handling the case. They would like to talk to Mr. Bieber and get his side of the story."

The photographer was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated and released.

And oddly enough, just before the alleged fight, Bieber was seen training with former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson. Bieber was working the heavy bag with Tyson, getting in fighting shape for his upcoming European tour, and just maybe, taking on the paparazzi