Man Helps Fight Breast Cancer With Tutu

INSIDE EDITION talks to the man who's been photographed all over the world wearing a pink tutu, to find out what's behind his wardrobe choice.

Why is Bob Carey wearing a pink tutu? He's wearing it because he believes that laughter is the best medicine—especially for his beloved wife.

"It gives me joy. It makes me laugh. I like to laugh," said Linda Carey.

Linda Carey didn't have much to laugh about when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband Bob was devastated.

Bob's a professional photographer, and suddenly it hit him—to bring a smile to Linda's face, he'd photograph himself in a pink tutu.

"Why a pink tutu?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

"There's humor in seeing a person of my stature in a tutu," said Bob.

"It didn't bother me. I thought it was a good color for him," joked Linda.

For the past nine years, Bob has photographed himself in the tutu in all kinds of crazy locations—including today in the INSIDE EDITION newsroom.

He has even danced in the desert.

He took photographs in New York's Times Square, the crossroads of the world, where cops came by to investigate.

"The police approached me and asked me if I was well. I said 'Yeah, I'm fine, how are you?' They laughed and walked away," said Bob.

The photos are on the couple's website, called, which raises money for women with breast cancer, and brings laughter to those who need it most.

"They say, 'Thank you, I laughed hysterically and cried hysterically,' and 'Thank you for sharing this project,'" said Linda.

"It's been an amazing journey. I never thought I could touch so many people," said Bob.