Jessica Simpson Opens Up About The Birth Of Her Daughter

Jessica Simpson is talking about the birth of her daughter, Maxwell Drew and how she plans to lose the baby weight. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Jessica Simpson proudly showed off her baby girl, Maxwell Drew, on the cover of the new issue of People magazine on stands Friday. Simpson's fiancé, football player Eric Johnson also appears in the issue.

Charlotte Triggs, Senior Writer at People told INSIDE EDITION, "Jessica says that her fiancé Eric is the quickest diaper changer out there and so far, he has been an excellent dad."

Baby Maxwell, who is being called Maxi, weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces when she was born, two weeks before her due date.  

People reported one maternity nurse even blurted out "what a chunk!" when she saw little Maxi.

Before she gave birth, Simpson's size was the talk of the nation.

Now, Simpson told People she's working hard to shed the baby weight. She signed a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers and she's also into juicing.

Her favorite juice combo? Kale, spinach, apple, ginger, romaine, celery and carrots. She's also breast-feeding the baby, which should also help her drop the weight.

Triggs said, "She is breast feeding her daughter and because of that, it is really her full time job right now. She is on a schedule, she makes sure to get up in the middle of the night, it does not matter what time, she wants to keep her daughter on a very strict schedule."

Doctors have told Simpson "no exercise" for the time being because she had a C-Section. Simpson tells people she can't wait to get married and walk down the aisle with her baby Maxi in her arms.