Teacher Allegedly Caught Kissing Student on Park Bench

A high school teacher was caught on tape kissing a student on a park bench. To make matters worse, she later discovered she was the center of a sex bet between a group of students. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A teacher was caught on tape making out with a student on a park bench.

It turns out the student won a $500 bet between five classmates to see who could seduce the teacher first.

The five students, all seniors, reportedly put up $100 each and the race was on to see who could win over their glamorous teacher.

The sex bet story is rocking the high school near New York City's Lincoln Center.  

"Teacher Sex Bet" reads the headline in Thursday's New York Post.

The bet was over 26-year-old Julie Warning and the winner caught locking lips with her is 18-year-old Eric Arty.

A student at the school said, "It was a bet with a group of his friends. He would go after class and basically try to seduce her. I don't know if she knew (about the bet). They were all trying to get with her."

The New York Post tracked down the winning student at his home. "I feel bad for her. It's stupid. It's a scandal," said Arty.

Believe it or not, the student and the teacher are even denying it's them on the park bench - a claim being met with ridicule by students who swear it's them.

One of his pals tweeted "you the man!" But Arty responded: "... Chill it ain't even like that. lol."

There was no response when INSIDE EDITION knocked on the teacher's door at her home. INSIDE EDITION did speak to a neighbor who said, "She is a very nice girl. She is very well spoken. She comes from a great family. All I want to say is that people made bad decisions all the time."