Reactions to Military Breastfeeding Controversy

The mother who appeared on the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her 4-year-old son speaks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about the controversial photo of two military servicewomen in uniform breastfeeding their babies.

Those military moms who caused an uproar with photos of themselves nursing their babies in uniform are now being called heroes by another now-famous mom.

Jamie Grumet was the mom pictured just three weeks ago on the controversial Time magazine cover, nursing her almost four-year-old son. The cover sparked a national debate over breastfeeding.

"I see heroes in the picture," said Grumet.

Now, Grumet is speaking out to INSIDE EDITION in support of the two Air Force airmen who hiked up their khaki t-shirts under their fatigues to nurse their children—including 10-month-old twin girls.  

"I'm in awe of the women that are doing that, because they're truly protecting our country, and also being able to nurture their babies," said Grumet.

Critics have called the women "unprofessional" and "unbecoming of conduct in uniform."

"This actually made me mad because there was nothing wrong with that photo, absolutely not," said Grumet.

The Washington National Guard told us they shouldn't have been in uniform promoting any cause, no matter what it is.

"I disagree. It's showing true respect to the people in our military, serving our country," said Grumet.

We caught up with Grumet at her pediatrician's office, where she took her two kids for a routine checkup.  Five-year-old Samuel is adopted. Aram is the boy on the Time cover.

Grumet calls the military mom photos "beautiful," and says she's baffled by the criticism of two loving mothers nursing their babies.

"I don't understand why they're so upset by that photo—at all," said Grumet.