Marilyn Monroe Exhibit Reveals Clothing and Personal Items

It's been 50 years since Marilyn Monroe died, but her memory remains as alive as ever in a new exhibit featuring many wardrobe and personal items from the screen goddess. INSIDE EDITION got a sneak peak.  

It's a rare glimpse inside the closet of a goddess, Marilyn Monroe. Today would have been Monroe's 86th birthday.

To celebrate, INSIDE EDITION has a sneak peak of a special exhibit of her personal items at the Hollywood Museum.

Marilyn Monroe historian Scott Fortner loaned more than 200 items from his vast collection for display.

Fortner told INSIDE EDITION, "This is a pretty monumental exhibit."

Among the items on display is a beaded gown that Monroe wore in The Prince and the Showgirl, and a mink wrap she wore to the premiere of East of Eden.

Monroe took a sexy dress with spaghetti straps on her honeymoon with baseball great, Joe DiMaggio. It's said that to make her new husband jealous, she wore the outift when she entertained American troops in South Korea. The dress is now worth over $1 million.

Monroe's favorite color was green. She loved her green Pucci blouse with matching belt and green necklace.

"What's really incredible about this blouse is it's the piece she was wearing in the last photos ever taken of her alive," said Fortner.

Famed photographer George Barris snapped that last photo shoot two days before Monroe died of a drug overdose.

The prescription pill bottle detectives found on her nightstand is also on display.  It was a drug used to lose water weight because she was always obsessed with her appearance.

The world is still obsessed with the original blonde bombshell, nearly 50 years after she passed into immortality.

"She's like a modern day Cleopatra for us and it's amazing that 50 years later she's still going strong," said Fortner.