Kate Middleton's Dress Steals The Spotlight From The Queen

They're seeing red over Kate Middleton's scarlet dress.

The leading light of the British royal family is coming under fire today for wearing a vivid cherry-red outfit for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee river cruise down the River Thames.

Middleton's outfit was in stark contrast to the other ladies on the river. The guests wore a "muted palette" to avoid overshadowing the Queen.

Middleton's sister Pippa—known throughout the world as "her royal hotness"—dialed it down in a classic nautical Chanel suit.

Middleton's screaming-red outfit reportedly "drew gasps from the crowd."

When the weather turned really foul, Middleton added a loud red umbrella.

"Let's talk briefly again about the Duchess of Cambridge, who looks really magnificent today in this Alexander McQueen red outfit," said CNN's Piers Morgan.

Not everyone agreed with Morgan.

One newspaper asked, "Did Kate really have to steal the show in her scarlet dress?"

A leading columnist said her outfit "just screamed, 'Look at me!'"