INSIDE EDITION Meets The Push Girls

INSIDE EDITION met with the stars of the new Sundance Channel series, Push Girls, which follows four women who have been confined to wheelchairs.

Four hot, strong women who live in Los Angeles are looking for fun and romance, careers and fulfillment. But there's something else they have in common - they are all paralyzed and confined to wheelchairs.

Three of them were grievously injured in car collisions.

Autie said, "The car flipped like four or five times."

Angela said, "The impact made my back snap in half."

"I was begging for my life," said Tiphany.

Mia is a little different, she suffered a rare medical condition that ruptured her spinal cord and left her unable to walk. It all happened over the course of a single day when she was 15.

"The last time I walked was going to the x-ray table. I cried for two weeks straight," Mia said.

But these ladies aren't feeling sorry for themselves now.

They're the stars of the new Sundance Channel reality show, Push Girls.  They got lots of attention when INSIDE EDITION took them to New York's Time Square. They met up with performers like the Naked Cowboy, and then entertained the crowd themselves with some pretty smooth moves.

The show follows the women as they remake their lives. Angela was once an in-demand model, and she's trying to make a comeback. Autie was a top hip-hop dancer appearing in music videos and on tour with LL Cool Jay. She still wants to dance.

Autie said, "I may not walk but I will dance."

The show is an eye-opening look at the daily struggles faced by these friends.   

"We still feel sexy," said Mia.

But it's also about their search for true love.

Mostly though, the show is about women who say don't waste your time feeling sorry for us.

Tiphany said, "The chair, I feel, just enhances the person you were before."

Push Girls premieres this week on the Sundance Channel.