INSIDE EDITION Speaks to RFK Assassination Witness

INSIDE EDITION speaks to a witness of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination who says shots were being fired from more than one location.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes was standing just six feet away from Bobby Kennedy when he was gunned down on June 5, 1968.

"There's mayhem and people are falling and screaming, and I'm ducking, and then I see the senator fall, because I'm following him," said Rhodes-Hughes.

Rhodes-Hughes was a 34-year-old soap opera actress and a volunteer in Kennedy's presidential campaign.  

Now, on the 44th anniversary of the assassination that changed America, she's coming forward with a shocking new claim that Sirhan Sirhan didn't act alone.

"You don't believe Sirhan Sirhan was the only gunman?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret. 

"I'm six to seven feet away from the senator, between Sirhan Sirhan and the senator, and then suddenly I'm aware at the same time that there are shots coming from my right," said Rhodes-Hughes.

Jim Moret went to the site of LA's Ambassador Hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. The hotel was demolished in 2006 and there's a high school there now with a memorial.

There have been conspiracy theories through the years about the RFK assassination—but this latest one comes from an eyewitness who says the official report altered her account of what she saw and heard in the hotel kitchen that night.  

The FBI says Sirhan Sirhan fired eight shots and emptied his gun at Kennedy—but Rhodes-Hughes says she told them she heard more shots than that.

"How many shots did you think were fired?" asked Moret.

"Twelve to fourteen. Because it went like—pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop—different sounds," said Rhodes-Hughes. 

"From different directions?" asked Moret.

"From different directions," replied Rhodes Hughes.

Sirhan Sirhan was 24 years old in 1968, and is still in prison today at age 68.  

He's serving a life sentence, and says he was brainwashed into shooting RFK. In a 1989 interview with INSIDE EDITION, he never even hinted at a conspiracy.

"I sincerely regret my actions for that. I was young, I was immature, I was wild. That's all I can offer, is my apologies and my remorse," said Sirhan.

Now Sirhan's lawyers are asking for a retrial based partly on what Rhodes-Hughes says she saw.

She told INSIDE EDITION she has no doubt about Sirhan's guilt—but claims there's been a cover-up in the case.

However, skeptics of her story point to the fact that the kitchen was packed with witnesses who certainly would have grabbed a second shooter if one existed.

"What do you say to people who dismiss you as some kind of a nut?" asked Moret.

"They look at you like you're an alien in a space ship. They look at you like, 'Oh, you're one of those.' But no. No, no. There were more shots," said Rhodes-Hughes.