The World Watches Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

As the entire world watched Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, honoring her majesty's 60 years on the throne, the young Royals are being credited for breathing new life into the monarchy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The world goes bonkers over Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne.

More than a million of her cheering subjects packed the mall leading to Buckingham Palace Tuesday as the Queen and the Royal family appeared on the balcony.

At her side, the ever-radiant Duchess Kate, Kate's husband, William, and of course, Harry—young Royals credited with breathing new life into the monarchy.

CBS This Morning co-host Erica Hill is in London covering the celebrations.

"A lot of people do credit Kate Middleton and Prince William, their marriage, for helping garner a lot of excitement for the royal family," said Hill.

Kate wore a more low-key outfit than the vivid cherry red dress she wore on Saturday, but she still looked fabulous.

"She walked out and literally everyone in our studio said, 'Stunning, Breathtaking.' She's a beautiful young woman. I don't think she could look bad in sweatpants," said Hill.

Kate and the other young Royals attended a magnificent Thanksgiving service in honor of the Queen at St. Paul's cathedral.

The London Daily Mail pointed out that the brothers seemed a little, well, tired. Possibly after too much partying at the previous night's all-star concert.

Stevie Wonder flew the American flag at the big show. He joined stars like Elton John, Kylie Minogue, and Paul McCartney.

Kate and the boys could be seen waving flags as the music played.

The Queen attended too, but wore yellow earplugs, as you might expect from an 86-year-old lady at a loud pop concert.

She got emotional when her son and heir, Prince Charles, reminded everyone that her husband, 91-year-old Prince Philip, is in the hospital with a bladder infection.

"The only sad thing about this evening is that my father couldn't be here with us," said Prince Charles.

Hill said, "The queen is not known for showing a lot of emotion, but she did look sad last night."

President Obama sent his own message of congratulations to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

President Obama said, "Michelle and I send you, and all the British people and members of the commonwealth a heartfelt congratulations from the American people."

Then, the Queen herself went on TV for a rare message of thanks.

A spectacle of pomp and pageantry unlike anything we've ever seen.