Jenny McCarthy Blasts Ex Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy says since their split, Jim Carrey hasn't visited her son who he had a special bond with, and she's not happy about it. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

Jenny McCarthy is blasting her ex, actor Jim Carrey, for not staying in touch with her autistic son after they broke up.

"He doesn't visit your son?" asked Howard Stern.

"No," replied McCarthy.

"Are you upset by that?" asked Stern.

"Yes," said McCarthy.

McCarthy says little Evan needs counseling as a result.

"It's hard, trust me. He's been in therapy, so it's progress," said McCarthy.

During the five years Carrey dated McCarthy, he was often seen snuggling with Evan—her son from a previous relationship.

They famously attended an autism event in Washington, D.C. in 2008.

"Without Evan, I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny's spirit. My daughter Jane, Jenny, and Evan, are the greatest things that ever happened to me," said Carrey.

McCarthy told Stern that Carrey and her son had a special bond.

"He was very good," said McCarthy.

"He's the only one who can get through to him," said Stern.

"He was," said McCarthy, "There was some connection in some way."

But McCarthy and Carrey split up two years ago, and since then she says there has been no contact between Carrey and her son.

McCarthy says she has not approached Carrey herself but has asked others to set up a meeting between him and 10-year-old Evan.

"I tried to ask numerous times, because my son still asks. So I'm hoping that they will talk again soon," said McCarthy.

"Your son goes to bed at night, 'Hey, I miss Jim, where is he?'" asked Stern.

"Almost weekly," replied McCarthy, "I tell him, some day you will cross paths.

Jenny's criticism of Carrey came up on The Talk Wednesday. 

"If he is still in love with her, and everytime he sees that child, if he sees her face and it's too painful for him, and he has said that he has suffered from depression, then I can get why maybe it's too painful for him," said Julia Chen.