Man Crushed Under Car Driven By Angry Neighbor

63-year-old John Henry Hill was crushed under a car driven by an angry neighbor. Amazingly, bystanders managed to lift the 3,500-pound vehicle off Hill and he survived. INSIDE EDITION has more.

A man was running for his life from a speeding car. He tripped, and the car drove over him, pinning him under the wheels. But then, good Samaritans lifted the 3,500 pound car to free the trapped victim.

Incredibly, a crowd of onlookers lifted the car, weighing 3,500 pounds, to free the trapped victim.

The victim, 63-year-old anatomy professor John Henry Hill, told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander he was chased down by the driver after a dispute over a parking spot.

"You had no idea he was that mad at you!?" Alexander asks him.

"I did have no idea at all. He caught me off guard considerably. When he started coming at me like that I didn't even have time to think!" says Hill.

He says falling saved his life, because he didn't take the full impact of a collision. But his injuries were severe. His pelvis was split almost in half, and the X-ray shows it is held together with metal plates and screws.

Today he's in a wheelchair, but hopes to walk again in a few weeks.

Hill relived every painful moment while watching the dramatic video. "It was almost like turning into the Incredible Hulk with a group of people," he observes.

59-year-old Franklin Parker has pled not guilty to attempted murder.

Amazingly, John says he has no anger toward his alleged assailant. "I do forgive him. I wish him the best."