Jesse James Checked Out of Rehab After Five Days?

Jesse James checked out of rehab just five days after checking in, reportedly because he was furious Sandra Bullock wasn't taking his calls. James later changed his mind and returned to rehab on April 4th. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Jesse James, already leaving rehab?

After just five days of treatment for sex addiction, Sandra Bullock's cheating husband reportedly fled the Sierra Tucson rehab center.

James is said to have checked out because he was angry that his estranged wife wouldn't take his phone calls.

"She refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center and he got furious and left," a source close to James tells Radar Online. "He wants the marriage back."

But James is said to have changed his mind again and checked back into the rehab facility on April 4th.

So what does this mean for his treatment? Dr. Charles Sophy is an addiction specialist who co-hosts Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

"I think the fact that left and came back just shows that he's really conflicted. He's probably conflicted about the identifying of a problem within himself, the fact that is as severe as it probably is, and his commitment to fixing it. He's got to go, he's got to stick to it, and he's got to get better, whether she's in his life or not, because any addict needs to see that the problem is within themselves," says Dr. Sophy.

Sandra spent Easter weekend comforted by friends. A steady stream of visitors were seen heading into the actress's home, carrying flowers, Starbucks coffee and groceries.

The Oscar®-winner is likely relieved that James went back to rehab; she was said to be worried that he was going to try and meet with her face-to-face and "she doesn't want to see him."

Security has been beefed around her Hollywood Hills mansion, which has been surrounded by paparazzi since the scandal broke.

Fire trucks were called to the house after neighbors complained that the narrow streets were being blocked by photographers' cars.

Despite James's attempts to save the marriage, it's being reported Bullock has already drawn up divorce papers.