45,000 in Florida Miss Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

"Missing the second dose is a horrible idea," Florida doctor Todd Husty told Inside Edition.

Americans eager for their first COVID-19 vaccine have been turning out in droves. But now a startling concern — 45,000 of them have already missed their second dose in just the state of Florida.

Some seniors are making the dangerous decision to forgo their second vaccine, because they are terrified of potential side effects. Others are delaying their second vaccine because they are having trouble getting an appointment.

Richard Robinson told Inside Edition that he wants a second shot, but he can't get an appointment.

“It’s going to be the 28th that I am due for my second one, but they haven’t contacted us yet, so I am hoping it’s going to be next week,” Robinson said.

Diane Baldwin, 78, is fed up.

“We’re very, very anxious,” she told Inside Edition. She says she is supposed to get her second dose in about 14 days, but she doesn’t yet know where to go to get it.

David Kotok and Christine Schlesinger are also having trouble scheduling their second dose in Sarasota.

“It has been confusing in this area. I don’t believe it’s yet quite organized,” Christine told Inside Edition.

Another concern is that the side effects of the second shot, like muscle aches and headaches, are said to be more intense than the first shot.

Florida Dr. Todd Husty had this advice: “If you’re going to get your second dose and you’re really concerned, I would consider acetaminophen, which is Tylenol. Missing the second dose is a horrible idea.”