Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s Shocking Affidavit Is Released

The just released, sworn affidavit by Bobby Kennedy Jr. reveals disturbing allegations of abuse and substance abuse by his late wife, Mary. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.    

It's a shocking, just released, sworn affidavit by Bobby Kennedy Jr., claiming his late wife Mary beat him up.

He says he was the victim of years of spousal abuse.

"Soon after Mary became pregnant with our first son," Kennedy wrote, "Mary—in a sudden rage about my continued friendship with my ex-wife—hit me in the face with her fist. She was a trained boxer, and I got a shiner."

Kennedy's allegations are making front-page news.

He described another incident last year when, "Mary ran over and killed the dog, Portia, in the driveway."

When Kennedy went over to the house to see what had happened, he said, "Mary was intoxicated. I opened the door and she leapt out of her bed and hit me with a roundhouse punch."

He also said their youngest son, Aidan, was there as Mary screamed, "Everything [your father] does is evil and a fraud. He is a philanderer, an adulterer, a sex addict."

Kennedy filed the disturbing affidavit last September, after which a judge granted him temporary full custody of their four children.

Mary was only allowed to see the kids if supervised by the family housekeeper.

The court papers were obtained by Kennedy biographer Laurence Leamer, who wrote the cover story on the last days of Mary's life in the new issue of Newsweek magazine. 

"I think the way she killed herself—everything about it—there's obviously an immense amount of anger and sadness," said Leamer.

Mary hanged herself last month. Her body was discovered in a barn on the family's estate in Bedford.

The Newsweek article says Kennedy believed that Mary also suffered from borderline personality disorder.

Today, Mary's furious family fired back, saying in a statement that Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s affidavit was, "Nothing more than a brutal psychological weapon in the divorce case... Full of vindictive lies. This latest piling on is proof perfect of the unbelievable emotional and psychological abuse that Mary endured during the last years of her life, and now in death."