Kennedy Biographer Speaks Out About Mary Kennedy's Final Days

INSIDE EDITION speaks to Laurence Leamer, the Kennedy biographer who's exploring the final days of Mary Kennedy's life.

We're learning more about Mary Kennedy's final days from Laurence Leamer, the Kennedy biographer who wrote the bombshell story on the cover of this week's Newsweek.

"She went on the final weekend, the last Thursday and Friday, to visit her four kids that were in private schools. They thought it was this wonderful visit, mom was just the way she's always been, it was terrific," said Leamer.

But when Mary got back to her home in Bedford, New York, she was paralyzed by depression, according to the family housekeeper who was interviewed by Leamer.

"She could not get out of bed. The housekeeper feared that something terrible was going to happen. Monday, she couldn't get out of bed. Tuesday—she just knew. She had this premonition because she [Mary] had threatened suicide before. Wednesday morning, they get up, the housekeeper gets up, 'Where's Mary?'" said Leamer

The housekeeper telephoned Mary's estranged husband Bobby Kennedy Jr., and a frantic search of the estate ensued.

"He came over, they went looking around, and he couldn't find her. She would often attend an AA meeting at noon, so Bobby went to the AA meeting, and she wasn't there. So they came back to the house, they looked around once again, they went to the barn, and there she was hanging from a rope," said Leamer.

Leamer also obtained a sealed, 60-page divorce affidavit by Bobby in which he claims Mary beat him up on several occasions.

"Who leaked the divorce papers?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

"You know, I have these exclusively, and obviously I'm not going to say how I got them. But it was a very complicated thing to get them, believe me," replied Leamer.

In his affidavit, Bobby also says Mary screamed at him in front of their youngest son, "Everything [your father] does is evil and a fraud. He is a philanderer, an adulterer, a sex addict."

"Is Bobby Kennedy an adulterer?" asked Alexander.

"Yes, of course he's an adulterer, but he's an adulterer because he said he couldn't get a divorce. What was he going to do, when he asked for a divorce, and she threatened suicide," replied Leamer.

The women of The View had their own take on the situation.

"The Kennedy's and affairs—that's a tradition in the family, so that's not unusual" said Joy Behar.

"But do you think that a guy who's running around on his wife, can drive a woman so crazy to the point that she is now nearly insane?" asked Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

New York Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy denounced Kennedy today, writing,, "Can't Bobby Kennedy Jr. let his tragic wife Mary rest in peace?... Mary must be spinning in her grave."

"Is it appropriate to paint a dead woman this way?" asked Alexander.

"A lot of the things in the affidavit—I held off. Because they were just too terrible. But it's not that she's evil. She's a sick person, and she has to be seen that way," said Leamer.

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