Giant Hail Slams Texas

Golf ball sized hail fell over parts of Texas and created much unexpected damage. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Golf ball-sized hail slammed into Dallas, Texas, during rush hour. It shattered windshields and made the commute a complete misery.

One driver exclaimed, "Damn! It broke my window!"

"Oh my God, it's like softball-sized hail now," yelled another.

One woman, who pulled her car off the road, had to open an umbrella inside her car to keep hail from coming through the soft top of her convertible.

The sound was deafening as the city was bombarded by the balls of ice. Roof tops were pounded, and the roof of one greenhouse was completely shattered.

Many ran for cover in their homes and couldn't believe what was falling from the sky. The storm got so intense, it made Texas look like a winter wonderland in the middle of June.

Many Texans grabbed their cameras and cell phones and posted the videos on YouTube. They stood helplessly on their outdoor decks as their cars were pelted. The golf ball-sized ice chunks also tore apart a fleet of golf carts.