Preparations for Sarah Jessica Parker As She Hosts The President For Dinner

Preparations are underway as President Obama and the First Lady dine at the Manhattan home of Sarah Jessica Parker. INSIDE EDITION has all the details on the behind-the-scenes planning.

Sarah Jessica Parker rushed into her Manhattan townhouse as she feverishly prepared to play hostess to the president and first lady.  

The star-studded presidential fundraiser will take place Thursday at Parker's West Village home.

INSIDE EDITION's cameras captured all the pre-party preps going on behind the scenes. Secret Service agents did a last-minute sweep of the four-story mansion. Florists were also on hand, delivering lots of flowered plants. Even carpeting was specially brought in. So was a sound system to provide background music. The cleaning lady swept the front steps and polished the banister.

Meanwhile, Parker's husband, actor Matthew Broderick, ducked into a waiting car. Like many husbands, he apparently preferred to sneak off and avoid the chaos of preparing for a big party.

The editor of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, is co-hosting the event, which is stirring up controversy over what some see as the president's cozy relationship with the glitterati crowd.

Noreen Malone, Assistant Editor of and Daily Intel, said, "To have Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour invovled in the same event gives a lot of amunition to the other side. They can sort of say, 'Look at these elite people that Obama is involved with. He is out of touch with regular Americans.'"

The hoity-toity Vogue editor, who famously inspired the Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada, has raised $500,000 for President Obama so far. Wintour is rumored to be angling for the ambassadorship to England, should Obama win re-election. But a Vogue spokesperson said there's no truth to those reports.

The star-studded guest list, at $40,000 a plate, includes Meryl Streep, designer Vera Wang and other big names from the world of fashion.   
Before heading to Parker's, the president had a much more low-key meal Wednesday, chowing down on ribs out of a styrofoam box. He was joined by soldiers at Kenny's BBQ on Capitol Hill.