Little Darth Vader Has Heart Surgery

The adorable boy who dressed up as Darth Vader and captured America's attention in the famous Super Bowl commercial just received a serious heart operation. INSIDE EDITION was there to see how Max Page and his family are doing.

Little Darth Vader, who won America's hearts in the famous Volkswagon Super Bowl commercial is recovering after having open-heart surgery at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

7-year-old Max Page wore Tigger pajamas, and spent the last few moments before his surgery holding his kid brother Els hand, telling him, "It's okay. I'm not scared."

Parents Jennifer and Buck Page said Max was in surgery for two full hours to correct the congenital heart defect he was born with.

Jennifer then said, "When we got that call that surgery was done and it was two hours shorter than we thought and our first thought was, 'Did you do everything that you needed to do.'"

Now, Max just wants to be surrounded by his stuffed animals, just like any other kid who isn't feeling well.

Jennifer told INSIDE EDITION, "There he was asleep and his eyes were not as clear and I looked in his face and I said, 'I love being your mom.' And he got that before he was asleep and before he didn't know, but for me, that was the most important part with Max for me yesterday."

Buck said, "He is progressing really well. Doctors are really happy where he is at."

Max should be going home in about three or four days. Then he'll have another six weeks of recovery, before he can get back to rough-housing with his brother.

Doctors agree Max's surgery went well. The new valve they put in his heart should last another 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced.

So fear not Max, the force will be with you, always.