Zombie Mania is Sweeping the Nation

The popularity of zombies is everywhere and INSIDE EDITION takes a look at how extreme some people are taking the craze.

Zombie mania is sweeping the country, dishing out gore, guts, and pure flesh-eating terror.

Fans of the hit cable TV show, The Walking Dead, are devouring legions of blood-thirsty zombies.

Now, Brad Pitt is fueling the zombie mania. He's starring in the upcoming blockbuster, World War Z.

Around the country, promoters are holding Zombie Dances. The one in New York City is called "Zombie Prom on Saturday Night."

Amazingly, this pop culture explosion has even reached the nation's Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, which issued a "Zombie Preparedness Alert." Of course, they were just kidding.

Matt Mogk, author of Everything You Wanted to Know about Zombies, says that "Zombies are essentially a disease spreading over the planet that can infect you. It gets to the core of survival instincts. You don't want to get this. That's what makes them so terrifying."

Zombie pranksters are scaring the begeebers out of people.

In Delray Beach Florida, a video hoax of a zombie on a rampage frightened everyone.

People were on edge following reports that there was a real zombie attack after a homeless man had his face eaten off. The attacker, allegedly high on drugs, was shot to death by police.   

Then came a zombie copycat in Miami, where a "growling suspect threatened to eat officers." The suspect, 21-year-old Brandon de Leon, was also believed to be high on drugs.

"I have no recollection of anything that happened that night," de Leon told police.

In Louisiana, one headline read, "Zombie Apocalypse Hits Home." Carl Jacquneaux was arrested after allegedly biting a chunk off a neighbor's face.

The zombie craze has even fueled zombie bullets, which are all the rage at the L.A.X. firing range in Los Angeles.

"These zombie bullets are a great marketing tool, but they are not toys," said Moret, "but hey, if that zombie apocalypse ever really happens, I'm armed and ready."