Chris Brown, Drake, and the New York Night Club Brawl

INSIDE EDITION has more details on the night club brawl between rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown.

An innocent young woman, hurt in the nightclub battle between Chris Brown and rapper Drake, relived her ordeal, saying, "There was glass flying everywhere, it was like a warzone."

Lucy Pavlovsky was one of several people nursing wounds today after the wild west brawl, which was triggered by a beef between Brown and Drake, over Rihanna.

A video sweeping the internet purports to show the moment all hell broke loose, although a spokesman from the nightclub says it's not the correct nightspot.

24-year-old Pavlovsky suffered a gash in her arm. A young tourist from Austrailia needed 16 stitches in her head wound. One of Chris Brown's friends suffered a deep cut to the head, and needed staples to close the wound. One guy was nursing a vicious gash on his neck, even Brown's bodyguard suffered injuries.

In a YouTube video, shot outside the club after the fight, Brown stripped off his shirt and surveyed the scene before being hustled into his limo.

Someone on the street apparently yelled, "where's the gun," although Brown's spokesman denied there was a weapon.

Rihanna, who was not in the club, stonewalled questions about the fight.

The battle took place at the nightclub W.i.p. It all started when Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table. It was seen as a gesture of good will, since Drake is reportedly dating Brown's ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, but Drake apparently didn't see it that way.

Things exploded when Drake sent the bottle back to Brown, along with a handwritten note that allegedly said, "I am still (expletive) the love of your life. Deal with it."

The fight that followed left the nightclub looking like a battlefield, with broken glass everywhere.

Brown later tweeted a photo of a deep cut on his chin.

He also mocked Drake's crew.

"LOL … thowing bottles like girls? Shameonya," he tweeted, adding that Drake's security was "hiding in the bathroom."

One photo showed Brown chugging from a bottle of champagne earlier that night.

The champagne was Armand de Brignac, commonly known as Ace of Spades. It costs $375 a bottle.

The showdown was front-page news in the New York papers.

"Rihanna Sex Taunt Sparks Love Rival Club Carnage," said the New York Daily News.

"The Face that Launched a Thousand Bottles," read the New York Post's headline.

Brown's lawyer, Los Angeles-based, Mark Geragos, has flown to New York in the wake of the nightclub battle.

Cops are investigating the fight, which could mean big trouble for Brown. He's still on probation over that infamous assault on Rihanna. "While the incident happened in New York, Chris Brown is still very much in the hands of the Los Angeles County DA office. If they want to bust him for a scuffle that happened in New York, they have every right to do so."

Brown's spokesman later issued a statement saying, "Chris and his friends were victims of a brutal attack. They sustained several injuries."

Drake's representative said he, "Did not participate in wrongdoing of any kind. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began."