Obama's Celebrity-Filled Fundraiser

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on President Obama's celebrity filled fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's Manhattan home.

President Obama left New York City with almost $5 million in his political war chest.  His presidential motorcade was 24 cars long.

The garden party at Sarah Jessica Parker's Greenwich Village townhouse took days to pull together. Security was as tight as can be, with snipers on nearby rooftops.

Vogue Magazine editor, the famously haughty Anna Wintour, co-hosted the event and took over as interior decorator. She even ordered some of Parker's furniture to be taken away for the night. According to one source, "some of the stuff in the house was shabby chic, and let's just say, Anna wanted less shabby, and more chic."  

Tickets to the high end house party cost $40,000 a plate. Big names attending included Meryl Streep, and the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, who said, "[Obama] and the First Lady, Mrs. Obama, were there for pictures and shakes and things. They are very, very gracious people."