Rielle Hunter's Memoir Shares Shocking Revelations

Rielle Hunter reveales details from her new tell-all book about her scandalous affair with John Edwards, and has some choice words about Edwards' former wife, Elizabeth. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Exclusive video shows John Edwards spending a cozy Father's Day weekend with his love child.

Four-year-old Frances Quinn frolicked in the surf on a North Carolina beach, while a smiling Edwards looked on, just like any protective dad.

Edwards lovingly played with the little girl in the sand. Ex-mistress Rielle Hunter was also there. Everyone was staying in a beach-front house. In the video, you can see Hunter and Edwards laughing before he went grocery shopping.

Rielle Hunter is finally telling all about her affair with disgraced presidential candidate John Edwards.

Hunter is promoting her new bombshell memoir, What Really Happened in an interview with ABC airing later this week.

And there are some major revelations in the book.

Hunter says she wasn't Edwards' only mistress. She says he confessed to her there were at least two other women, dating back 20 years.

Hunter actually bashes Edwards' late wife, the beloved Elizabeth Edwards, whom she describes as "crazy," "venomous," and even a "witch on wheels," who was given to fits of "rage."

And Hunter suggests that she and Edwards, whom she refers to as "Johnny" throughout the book, are still romantically involved.

"I really have no idea what will happen with us. The jury is still out. But I can honestly say that the ending is of no concern to me anymore. The love is here. And as sappy as it may sound, I love living in love," said Hunter.

A choked-up Edwards spoke publicly about the little girl for the first time last month, moments after a jury acquitted him of misusing campaign funds.

"My precious Quinn, who I love more than any of you could ever imagine," said Edwards.

Now, judging from the Father's Day beach video, it looks like he really meant it.