Backlash Over Rielle Hunter's Bombshell Memoir

Reaction to Rielle Hunter's tell-all book about her affair with John Edwards is pouring in, and some are saying she's the real witch. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the kiss that's getting a lot of attention, because it happened just as Rielle Hunter bashes John Edwards' tragic wife Elizabeth in her new bombshell book.

It was a peck on the cheek, shot over Father's Day weekend, when Hunter and Edwards took a mini-vacation with their adorable love child, Frances Quinn.

They rented a summer house for a reported $4,000 a week on Topsail Island off the coast of North Carolina, just south of the Outer Banks. The area is known for its gorgeous beaches. Edwards watched his little girl play in the surf.

Now, Hunter is feeling the wrath of people who still hold fond memories of Elizabeth, who lost her brave battle with cancer in 2010.

Hunter actually calls Elizabeth "crazy," "venomous," and even a "witch on wheels" in her memoir.

The headline in today's New York Daily News blares, "Hey, Rielle, You Call Elizabeth Edwards 'witch on wheels?' No, You're The Witch." The paper also calls Hunter "classless."

Hunter faced tough questions as she promoted her tell-all on 20/20 in an interview airing this Friday.

"Did you go up to John Edwards and say, 'You are hot,' and put the moves on him?" asked Chris Cuomo.

In the book, Hunter says hours after their first meeting, Edwards called her up to his hotel room for a night of "surrender" and "zero sleep." She says it was the "most extraordinary night of [her] life."

Hunter apparently had trouble finding a major publisher for her book because so many Americans dislike her. The book is being released by a small publisher based in Dallas.

TJ Walker, CEO of Media Training Worldwide, told INSIDE EDITION, "Here's her big problem, her whole book comes down to, "Hi, I'm Rielle Hunter, I'm a flaky floozie, I found a really rich guy who was married, had a sick wife, had sex with him, got knocked up, had a baby, now I'm cashing in."