Little Darth Vader Returns Home After Surgery

After undergoing open heart surgery last week, the little boy, who captured America's attention as the young Darth Vader in the famous Super Bowl commercial, has returned home. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The kid known as little Darth Vader got some TLC from his grandmother after his grueling open-heart surgery.

Seven-year-old Max Page was the kid under the Darth Vader mask in that famous Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial.

Max needed lifesaving surgery to correct a defect in one of his heart valves. Last week's operation was his eighth in seven years.

"I think the force was with me," Max told INSIDE EDITION.

Now he's home to the loving embrace of his family at their specially decorated house outside San Diego, California.

"They are treating me awesome. They are treating me like a king," said Max.

Max proudly showed INSIDE EDITION his Darth Vader helmet signed by the real Lord Vader himself - James Earl Jones.

The force was with Max, who came through the operation just fine.

His recovery is expected to take eight weeks.