Teens Caught On Tape Bullying Bus Monitor

A video is sparking outrage across the country of middle school kids bullying a grandmother bus monitor to the point of tears. Now, other teens are weighing in on the incident. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

The video is so disturbing, it's difficult to watch: a school bus loaded with middle school students taunting a grandmother with vile and totally inappropriate language.

"What size bra are you, triple sag?" said one teen.

The video was posted on the internet with the title, "Making the Bus Monitor Cry." The words used are so disturbing, INSIDE EDITION can't show much of them.

"[expletive] fat [expletive]," said a teen.

"Maybe she is an elephant," added another.

Finally, 64-year-old grandmother Karen Klein, who works as a bus monitor outside Rochester, New York, can't take it anymore. She removes her sunglasses and starts to cry.

But that doesn't phase the bullies one bit—they seem to take perverse pleasure in her tears.

"Put those sunglasses back on! [Expletive] looking like a troll!" said one teen.

"Why is there [expletive] water on your face?" said another.

"I'm crying," replied Klein.

"Yeah, she probably misses her box of Twinkies," added another teen.

To her credit, Mrs. Klein handles the abuse with remarkable grace.

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all," said Klein.

"How about you shut the [expletive] up!" replied one boy.

Next, the teens started physically pestering her.

"You [expletive] just touched her arm flab," said one teen.

"It's probably all stinky and smelly," added another.

The bullying goes on and on for 10 terrible minutes, and it takes a dark turn when they start threatening to take their cruelty to a new level.

"If I stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would [expletive] go through you like butter, cause it's all [expletive] water," said one teen

Psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh is urging administrators at Greece Athena Middle School in New York to take swift action to punish those involved.

"The lack of empathy, and lack of compassion—these young boys are not even treating her like a human being. It's like they can't even see that she's human beneath it all," said Walsh.

"These children need to be punished, maybe even suspended or expelled from school for this kind of behavior," said Walsh.

And it's not just grown-ups that are outraged. The video is going viral, and now teens across the world are taking to the internet to express their horror.

"It's disturbing, it's filthy, it's vile, it's cruel, and it's just plain wrong," said one video blogger. 

"Imagine if that was your grandma. It doesn't even matter about that—you just can't do that to someone," said another.