Jack Osbourne Publicly Talks About M.S. Diagnosis

With his mother Sharon by his side, Jack Osbourne spoke publicly for the first time about his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

Jack Osbourne bared his soul about the devastating news that he has Multiple Sclerosis.

"It is a completely unpredictable disease. One minute you could be fine, and the next, I mean, I went blind in my right eye," said Jack.

With his mother Sharon sitting next to him, 26-year-old Jack told The Talk audience how he was dealing with his health crisis.

Jack said, "About two years ago, my legs went numb for like, two months and I just thought, I just pinched a nerve and oh, I will be fine. I will just get acupuncture." 

Julie Chen then asked, "Could you walk?"

Jack said, "I could walk, but they were just numb and tingly."

He got an emotional standing ovation as he came out to take his seat on the set.

Sharon, who dissolved in tears when she first discussed her son's diagnosis on the show three days ago, stayed strong as she talked about how she found out about her son's medical tests.

Sharon said, "Jackie called me and said, 'It has come through and I have got it.'"

Jack's fiancée, Lisa Stelly, with whom he has a two-month-old daughter named Pearl, was also on the show.

Stelly said, "We really do not have that much time to be sad because we have diapers to change and a little girl to look at and smile at. We are just having a lot of fun and he is going to be okay." 

Jack did his best to put a positive outlook on his medical situation.

"Honestly, I am fine," he said.