INSIDE EDITION Meets The Bionic Woman

INSIDE EDITION meets a young mother who lost her limbs to infection, but will not lose her spirit as technology helps her become a real-life "Bionic Woman."

The beautiful smile of a 29-year-old mother shines bright even after she has been through more than most of us could ever imagine.

Her life changed forever when Shannon Smith of Buffalo, New York, was pregnant with her second child.

Smith told INSIDE EDITION, "I was in a little pain. I was told I needed a "C" section. From there everything spiraled out of control. I started developing blood clots, pneumonia, kidney failure, and liver failure. I was in a coma for three weeks."

She lost the baby and when she woke from the coma, she got some Earth shattering news. Because of a serious bacterial infection, she was facing amputations of her limbs—all of them. Smith was left without arms or legs.

What wasn't taken from her? A truly amazing attitude.

"It didn't take long. I kicked back into myself. I was focused on what I couldn't do and then it changed. At least I was alive," Smith said.

And now, with the latest in high-tech prosthetics, Smith is being called "The Bionic Woman," after the 1970's show of the same name.

Smith said, "That's a cool name, ‘The Bionic Woman,' I can go for that."

And it's really no exaggeration. She's being fitted with new legs and arms at East Coast Orthotics and Prosthetics. Director Chris Bergen said, "Fitting a patient with four limbs, at this level, hasn't been done before."

Dr. Bergen said Smith is an ideal patient.

"Attitude is everything. There is no way we could do this without the ‘tude she has," said Dr. Bergen.

Smith's doctors are amazed at her progress. She believes it's just the beginning.

"Hopefully I can get down to a walker, then a cane, and then nothing when I can walk with no assistance," Smith said.

The technology is still a wonder to Smith when her doctors try to show her how to use her new limbs.
She doesn't want to hide any of the technology. She even likes the way they sound.

"I like it. It's like The Terminator," she joked.    

The indomitable spirit of a woman who will not give up.

The hospital has set up a fund to help Smith deal with her medical expenses. To donate please click here.