Will NBC Replace Ann Curry on Today Show?

Ann Curry woke to headlines that NBC may be replacing her as co-host of the Today show. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Is Ann Curry about to be fired from her job at the Today show?

That's what The New York Times is reporting today, saying that NBC executives are holding "secret" meetings to replace her.

The 55-year-old co-host woke up to headlines that no TV talent would want to read: "Ann's Canned."  

The Times said NBC executives didn't think that she'd show up for work Thursday, but there she was, in place at the anchors desk, saying not a word about the reports.

NBC is said to be blaming Curry for the Today show's recent loss to Good Morning America in the fierce morning show ratings war. Today held the top spot for 16 years, but Good Morning America won out for several weeks this spring.

Steve Battaglia told INSIDE EDITION, "Since the ratings have started going down, the only change has been Ann in the co-anchor chair. So, whether it's her fault or not, that's the reality. People also think that she doesn't have the same type of free and easy banter with Matt that Meredith had, or that Katie had."

Curry has hired a well-known lawyer to negotiate for her. "She got her dream job, and she doesn't want to let it go," says one source [from The New York Times]

But she may move into a foreign correspondent role.

Battaglia said, "It's in NBC's best interest to let Ann make as dignified an exit as possible. If she looks like she's being kicked to the curb, longtime fans are going to be very unhappy." 

Possible replacements, according to the Times, include Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, and Hoda Kotb.