Violent Act of Road Rage on Los Angeles Freeway Caught on Tape

A disturbing and violent altercation between motorists on a Los Angeles freeway takes road rage to a new level, and it was all caught on tape. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

 A road rage confrontation that got out of control was all caught on video.

A driver, wearing a red shirt, was outnumbered but he squared up, ready to fight. Next thing, fists and feet were flying.  

At first, it was one-on-one and the guy in red seemed to have the upper hand. But then another man joined his buddy and then it was two against one.

Suddenly overpowered, the man in red went down and what followed was very disturbing and violent. Both men used his head like a soccer ball - kicking him over and over in a display of out of control violence.

The three men fled in a black Volkswagen Jetta, leaving the victim lying motionless and unconscious on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.

Two men were busted on Thursday, thanks in part to the video.

Incredibly, the victim, father of three, Jerry Patterson, is okay. The mortgage broker said he accidentally cut the Jetta off, then was chased by the Jetta for five miles.

Patterson told INSIDE EDITION, "In a fight, you win, you lose some. But you do not kick a man when he is down, that is the act of a coward. I am 49-years-old, I am a banker, not a fighter. I could not avoid it."