Parent Apologizes to Bullied Bus Monitor

As one parent personally apologizes to bus monitor Karen Klein for his son taking part in bullying her to tears, INSIDE EDITION reports on whether Klein will ever see all the money pouring into an online campaign to help her.

The father of a middle school student who bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, personally apologized to her on Friday.

Robert Helm said, "There's no excuse and we're going to get to the bottom of that. I just want you to know that it really broke my heart. And my family, we're just all deeply saddened by this whole thing, and we're going to get it right."

Klein graciously accepted Robert Helm's apology on behalf of his son on CBS This Morning. His son was one of four seventh grade boys that bullied Klein.

Three of the boys also sent a letter of apology. Anderson Cooper read some of the letters to Klein on CNN.

Cooper read from a letter that said, "I am so sorry for the way I treated you. When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that."

Kelin said, "Well, I just wouldn't believe anything that Josh had said, and I didn't want to talk to him today."

Now, the world is reaching out to embrace this 68-year-old grandmother. Southwest Airlines has offered to fly Klien and nine of her family members to Disneyland for a vacation.

Generous folks around the world have donated more than $500,000 to a website on her behalf. That's more money than Klein has ever seen in her life. She makes just $15,000 a year as a bus monitor. Yet, some folks are wondering if Klein will ever receive any of it.

INSIDE EDITION checked out the website where the money is being donated and it is a legitimate fund-raising company, with a good reputation, called

Slava Rubin, the CEO and co-founder of Indiegogo spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

McInerney asked, "How do people know the money they donate is really going to Karen?"

Rubin said, "The money actually gets held in a bank account with Indiegogo and we hand it off to her at the end of the campaign."

The website says they just keep 4% of the money raised to pay for administrative costs. We are glad about that, because no one wants this granny to be victimized again.