Cate Edwards Defends Late Mother, Elizabeth

John Edwards' daughter, Cate, is firing back against Rielle Hunter to defend her mother's name after Hunter published some choice words about the late Elizabeth Edwards.

Cate Edwards came to the defense of her late mother, Elizabeth, after withering insults from Rielle Hunter.

In a new book, Hunter called the beloved Elizabeth Edwards, who died of breast cancer in 2010, "A witch on wheels," "Crazy," and "Venomous."
The insults prompted one man to go on Cate Edwards' Twitter page and write, "What that despicable woman is saying about your mother is beyond disgraceful."

Another Twitter follower told Cate Edwards, "My mom met your mother during the primaries here in Seattle. Lovely woman, unlike some."

Edwards responded, "Thank you both. My mother was undoubtedly a model of grace and love, and an inspiration to all facing difficult times."

In Hunter's interview with 20/20's Chris Cuomo, airing Friday, she was asked about her insults directed at a dead woman.

Cuomo asked, "What do you think the reaction is, when the woman who is sleeping with the husband, starts talking about the wife who is now dead from cancer?"

"There are a lot of people that will go 'wow, I understand, I get it,' and there are other people who will be outraged," Hunter responded.

Chris Cuomo told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent that Hunter was more sympathetic than many people think.

Trent asked Cuomo, "Does she come across to you, as she does in some of the clips that we've seen, as being pretty insensitive to Elizabeth?"

Cuomo replied, "No, one of the beautiful things about this is that the Rielle Hunter that you will meet in the show is different. Elizabeth was a good woman, and she is now gone, and a big cause of her misery was Rielle Hunter, but [Rielle] doesn't shy away from that."