Hunky Dad Makes Good Living at Chippendales

As Channing Tatum's new movie about male strippers hit theaters, INSIDE EDITION caught up with a real-life Chippendales hunk who works the stage by night, but by day, he's a stay-at-home dad.

Nathan Minor is a real life Mr. Mom.

The hunky guy makes his kid's breakfast every day while his wife is at work. After breakfast, he takes his little girl to the playground. But Nathan can't play all day. He has to get ready for his work. He's got a white collar job—and we really do mean "white collar."

Nathan is the main attraction at the Chippendales Revue in Las Vegas. He's dad by day, dancer by night.

"I love Chippendales and I love being a dad," said Minor. 

Minor shakes his booty for thousands of screaming women. Dancers can make as much as $500 in tips a night. But how did the kids react when they learned how daddy makes his money?
Minor said, "For a little bit it was, 'Daddy, how come you take your shirt off at work?' "

4-year-old Victoria proudly points to her dad on a magazine cover. She knows he's a dancer at Chippendales, but she doesn't know all the details.
Victoria said, "He kind of does a lot of dancing."

Minor hopes the new movie Magic Mike starring Channing Tatum, will strip away some of the myths of exotic dancing.

"I'm hoping that people will come check out the show because of the movie," said Minor.

But after all the adulation of the women, when Minor gets home, there's only one girl who makes his heart flutter.